27 Aug 2011

Create a Simple Virus with Batch Programming.

Hi Guys. Since its my First Post here so lets Start with Something Simple..
Here I'm gonna Show you how to create a Simple Virus which Create a Folder inside Folder with Similar Name. Follow the Steps Below...
  • Open Notepad
  • Copy and Paste the Code Below

@echo: This is Simple Virus
md virus
cd virus
goto jump

  • Save as-> virus.bat
Now its Ready to infect. You can Test it on ur own PC by double clicking on the File Or Send it to your Friends. Its Not gonna Harm you neither gonna Eat your Space. Its Simply for FUN. ENJOY..!!!!!


white lotus said...

';' missing at last line

replace goto jump with---> goto jump;


H4CK3R said...

buddy. Its a batch program. no need for ';' :P

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