30 Dec 2011

Access the Internet through Notepad, Wordpad etc

Yes. Now you can access the Internet through almost all the utilities provided by windows. You can try this trick if some sites are blocked on your PC. Sometimes it happens that a virus may malfunction the IE properties which   results in the improper functioning of it, by this trick you can access the Internet and may recover from it.
Here I'm taking the example of Notepad. This trick can be applied on many applications like Notepad, Wordpad, Calculator etc.
Just follow the simple steps:

  • Open Notepad. go to start > run > type notepad
  • Now in Notepad window go to Help > Help topics
  • In the new pop up window right click on left top most of title bar and select Jump to URL...
  • Here type the complete web address including 'http://' . Lets type http://google.co.in
  • Hit Enter and you're done. :)


Amber Anand said...

How to use this trick in win7?

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