Hide files inside an JPEG Image file using Winrar

Hey guys. Sometimes it become necessary to hide or secure your personal files when your working computer is compromised among a number of peoples.
By applying a simple technique you can hide your Personal Files inside an Image using winrar. Although winrar is a secure and useful tool for File compressions. To hide your personal stuff using this tool, Keep reading.......

  1. Create a Folder with name Lock in D drive. (you can change the name and location of the folder)
  2. Copy all your personal files in this folder.
  3. Select all the files and make a right click. In the right click menu select Add to "Lock.rar"
  4. It will create a Lock.rar file inside the folder.
  5. Put an image file inside the folder Lock to hide your files in it. Say it's key.jpg
  6. Open notepad and type the following code into it:                                           copy /b key.jpg+Lock.rar locked.jpg                                               save it as code.bat inside the folder Lock
  7. Double click on the file code.bat. It'll create another file with name locked.jpg.
  8. This file locked.jpg now contains all your personal files.
Now move the file locked.jpg to the desktop and delete the folder Lock from D drive. All your files are secured inside locked.jpg. If you want to get back your files then
right click on locked.jpg > open with > winrar > extract it.
You'll see all your files back.

Stay tuned for more Tricks.
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