How to Hide Your IP address

IP address stands for Internet Protocol. It is provided by your ISP to your computer whenever you request for an Internet connection. Giving someone your IP address is like giving him your Home address when you are alone       ( just kiddin :P )
By using your IP address anyone can easily trace your location. Sometimes it become important to hide the real IP address due to many reasons. Here I'm sharing few methods by which you can hide your real IP and surf the Internet being anonymous.
Here are some methods to spoof your IP address:

1. Use Web based proxy Server:
     A web based proxy server is a website that allows you to access the Internet without any installation.
They provide a URL using which you can access any website you want. Here is a list of some proxy servers:
These proxies usually get blocked by the websites so you need to switch them all the time.

2. Use a Software to change your IP address:
     There are many software on Internet that helps you to change your IP. You just need to install and configure them. Here is a list of some software:
3. Use VPN service to change your IP:
     This is probably the best way to change your IP address. There are many free services on Internet to serve you for this purpose:

Risk in Anonymous Proxy:
     While using a proxy server, all the data send to the service being used must pass through the proxy server before send to the main server. It is therefore possible, for a malicious proxy server to record all your personal data including your logins and passwords. So use it carefully.

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Anna Howart
21 December 2012 at 01:27 ×

I am using Hotspot Shield VPN for more than 1 year as it hides IP address and assigns a new US IP address belonging to its servers. As a user from a country with heavy internet restrictions or censorship, Hotspot Shield free VPN is the exact solution you should be using.

soft sara
4 April 2014 at 22:23 ×

Thanks for giving information.
Your Article was very useful and i used proxy service.After that i checked my new fake ip range It's fully different from my previous ip range.