Play any Video or Movie inside an Image File

Here comes another awesome trick for windows XP users. You can easily play any movie or video in an image file. The video is actually played by your video player but you can see the effects in the Image File.
Just follow the simple steps:

  •  Play any video on your favourite video player like VLC, WMP etc.
  • While playing the video press the Print Screen key on your keyboard. 
  • Minimize you video player ( don't close it ) 
  •  Now open paint. go to start > run > type mspaint  
  • In the paint box press ctrl+V and save the file as movie.bmp and close the paint box.
  •  Just double click the image file movie.bmp now and see the magic :P

Amaze your friends with this magic trick.
Keep Learning. Keep Rocking. :)

Note:- Anytime feel free to ask if you want to know the concepts behind the tricks.

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