All time favourite Hacking Movies

Nowadays Hollywood and even Bollywood tries to put the real hackers attitude in the Movies.  Today almost every watchable action or drama movie contains at least one hacking related part. Here I'm sharing some of my all time favourite hacking based movies. If you haven't watched any of it then must give them a try.

Hackers (1995):
A small kid is banned from using computer because of writing a computer virus. After years, he and his friends discover a plot to unleash a dangerous computer virus.

Matrix (1999):
If you're a geek then I don't think that you miss this awesome series. A computer hacker learns to find the nature of its reality and fight against its creators. This movie will surely brings the new world of computer programmes.

Takedown (2000):
This movie is based on the story of the capture of computer hacker "Kevin Mitnick" which actually popularised the Social Engineering.

Antitrust (2001):
A computer programmer dreams of working in a high profile company. His dream turns into a nightmare when he discovers that the owner of the company is involved in criminal activities and killing the programmer's for their codes.

Revolution OS (2001):
This documentary features the rise of Linux/GNU and the Open Source Movement. A most recommended movie for Computer System geeks.

Swordfish (2001):
A secret group fights against the terrorism and sometimes do robbery in banks just to fund themselves. They higher the computer professionals for all their high tech crimes.

The Italian Job (2003):
This movie is based on 1969 Michael Caine film of the same name. A group of thieves planning to go for GOLD by creating the huge traffic on the streets of Los Angeles.

Live Free of Die Hard 4 (2007):
My all time favourite and an awesome movie in the die hard series. John McClane gets the duty to take a computer hacker to the Headquarters. Then they messed with a computer hacker's group which are planning to take the whole US economy down.

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