Check the working of your Antivirus

Hi guys. I don't like antivirus as they slow down the system speed on full utilisation and for me its better to scan the files online, you can take a look here. But if you're an antivirus lover  then I'm sharing this simple trick with you. This trick was mainly introduced by the EICAR Group. If you forget to update your antivirus for a long time and now worried that whether your antivirus is working or not then you can try this easy trick and can check the working of your antivirus.
Warning: Try this trick at your own risk.

Follow the simple steps:
  • Open notepad and copy the following code into it:


  • Save the file as virus.bat
  • Now scan this file with your antivirus.
  • If the antivirus detects it as a virus and remove it then its working fine else update your antivirus and manually delete this file immediately.
Note: The antivirus may can detect this file as soon as you save it at step 2.

Keep Learning. Keep Rocking :)
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