Create Your Own Run Commands

By using Run commands you can directly access any application without accessing it manually.
There is a long list of windows inbuilt commands like [mspaint] for Paint, [cmd] for command prompt and many more. But you can also create these run commands for the applications of your choice.
Here I'm taking the example of creating a command for Mozilla Firefox browser. You can download it from here.

Follow the steps:
  • right click on desktop > select new > shortcut 
  • In the create shortcut window type the following path: 
          "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"
          (here you can enter the path of your application). click > next
  • It'll ask you a name for shortcut. This is the name which you will use as the run command. Here type > MF (you can use any name). click Finish
  • You can see a shortcut on you desktop with name MF. Cut and paste this shortcut to C:\WINDOWS folder. 
  • Now go to > start > run > type MF
That's it. Enjoy your customized run commands.

Keep Learning. Keep Rocking.
cheers :P
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