Download the torrent files using any download manager

Hi folks. Everyone knows that torrents are the great source of downloads. Whether it is Movies, games, e-books, softwares or other stuffs torrent always dominates.  But the download speed is the big problem with the torrents especially when you're working on a slow connection. On the other hand, download managers like IDM provides a great download speed but unable to download torrent files. Torrent files are in encrypted form and can only be decrypted by using the torrent tools.
Here I'm going to share a simple trick by which you can download the torrent files using your favourite download manager. I will suggest you to use Internet Download Manager for better speed.

Follow these simple steps:
  • go to the website
  • There click on choose file. Upload your torrent file and then click cache.
  • It'll generate a new link. Simply copy this link to notepad
  • Now go to
  • There create a new account and login to the website
  • In the given field paste the link which you copied at step 3 and click get
  • Then click on initiate bittorrent transmission
  • After few seconds It'll show your files
  • Now they are ready to download. You can download them with your favourite download manager.

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