Some Great Hacker Conferences

A good way to get motivated and keep yourself up to date with new technology is by attending conferences. In these hacking and tech conferences you always meet with real working minded peoples. These places are worth enough because the great peoples not only share their ideas but also help others to solve problems. If you think you are the only coolest geek around then.... trust me at such places there are many guys who can remove this shit from your mind.

I'm sure if you are willing to learn then you never want to miss such hack and tech conferences. If you ever get a chance to participate in any of them then it'll be a life changing experience. Here, I'm sharing the list of some great hacking conferences with a short description. You can visit their official website for more details.

Defcon (
It is a continuous running and one of the oldest hacker conferences. It started in 1993, it was meant to be a party for member of “Platinum Net”, a Fido protocol based hacking network out of Canada. It always help the real hackers to get an international spotlight. Venue for elite security researchers.

RSA conference (
Running since 19 years, RSA always attracted the top security expert. Its main agenda is always to solve many Information Security related issues and bring some great hacking minds under one roof. It takes place Europe, U.S. and Japan.

Dnscon ( :
DNS is a data network security conference. UK's longest running open information security conference provides an opportunity to find new threats to information security.

ShmooCon (
Its an annual East coast hacker conference providing an excellent atmosphere for hacking, exploitation and also helps in solving many software and hardware related problems. Its a three days event, fist day is dedicated to speed talks and other two days are for three tracks called: Break it !!, Build it !! and Bring It On!!

Blackhat ( :
It was started in 1997 as a single annual conference in Las Vegas and now turned into a global conference series with annual events in Washington DC, Amsterdam, Las Vagas and Tokyo. It has also become a premier venue for best security trainers to find their audience.

It is also one of the oldest hacking conferences. Running since 1994, becomes a venue for computer hackers, phone phreaks, net activists and for all the curious peoples from all over the world. HOPE stands for Hackers On Plane Earth.

ChicagoCon (
A must attend conference for network guys who want to advance their career with Info Sec. Featuring exams on-site followed by a two-day ethical hacking conference.

It's Asia's largest network security conference held annually in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and more recently in Middle East.

HackerHalted ( :
Its an educational conference as well as workshop which focuses to educate its participants to overcome the information Security related issues running these days.

Toorcon (
This conference takes place in the beautiful sunny city of San Diego. it brings the new security experts to present their research and new tricks.

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