SOPA - Blackout by Wikipedia

If anyone hadn't heard about SOPA before, they have probably by now. Many of the Internet influential site's like Wikipedia are on protest against this act popularly known as Wikipedia blackout. Lets take a look what this act is all about.

 SOPA is an acronym of Stop Online Piracy Act. It is also know as House Bill 3261 or H.R. 3261. It is a bill that was first introduced by Lumar S. Smith and a bipartisan group of 12 members on October 26, 2011.

Goals of SOPA:
  • Protecting Intellectual property of content creators.
  • Protecting against counterfeit drugs.
Impact on online freedom of speech:
 If SOPA becomes a Law then in simple words you will not be able to upload any image on Facebook, you can't be able to link websites on your blog or you can even loose the freedom of posting the contents of your choice on Internet. By this bill a copyright holder from USA can sue a person from India.

Impact on websites:
  • Websites that host user contents
  • Weakening of "safe harbor" protections
  • Web-related businesses
  • Users uploading illegal contents
 There are rumours that this bill is silently supported by many software giants like Motion Pictures Association of America, Macmillan US, Nike, Microsoft etc.

 This bill is also facing opposition from many top companies like Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube, eBay, Twitter etc

Where To Protest: 
 If you  want to protest against this bill then you can visit the following links:
 The 24 hours protest Wikipedia Blackout is over and now they are back in action. :)

you can read the full and detailed article on this topic from here
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