28 Apr 2012

Remove the Hard Disk Space Eater Virus

Hi Guys. Recently one of my Friend saw a notification on his Laptop that his Drive is Running on a Low Disk Space.
He checked his downloads because he didn't downloaded any Large File recently. According to him the drive must have a free space of around 100 GB.  
This problem was mainly caused by a worm called Space Eater or you can call it whatever you want :P
Here if you're also facing similar kind of problem then you need to take few counter measures to avoid such problem in future.
  • Install a Firewall.
  • Use Latest Anti virus
  • Keep Updating you Anti virus.
  • Use Anti-key logger, Anti-Spy ware,Anti-malware etc
  • Download the songs, software from trusted websites only
  • Don't click on any suspicious link.
Now what else if you already messed up with anything like this. Follow these steps:
    • Open you Drive and Search for a file with Suspicious size (like 80-90 GB). Most of the cases the file will be of the name spaceshot.dll just search and delete this file.
    • Uninstall all the unwanted programs.
    • If you're still unable to get your space back then try this....
    Note: "Use it at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any damage cause to your machine."

    Download the Combo Fix for your Desktop. Download it from here.

    • Disable all your anti virus and Anti-malware and similar programs
    • Disconnect from Internet
    • Only then Start scanning with Combo Fix
    • Don't close the scan window until it get complete.
    • You'll get your lost space back.
    Keep Learning. Keep Rocking :)


    Deepak Sharma said...

    The space eater creates a junk file and keep filling it with dump until the drive is full.

    Just search for the file spaceshot.dll in system32 folder and delete it. That's it you have undone the work of the virus. Enjoy!!!...

    H4CK3R said...

    Thanks for the info. I'll add it into the article.

    john lover said...

    i can`t find in it..i am using asus k43u..i am losing space..from 134 it became 130

    H4CK3R said...

    Scan your drive with the recommended software Combo Fix.
    It'll fix the issue.

    Deepak Sharma said...

    @john lover . the space eater creates the dump file at he rate of 1gb/s i am not sure it is the work of spaceeater. try combo fix maybe it will solve the problem

    RAWR236 said...

    my computer is so slow, and i cant find any files that have a noticable large amount of space. it is just there.. what should i do?
    im downloading the Combofix right now, but i dont know how and when it will be done.

    INCR3DIBL3 H4CK3R said...

    Try Combo Fix.
    Alternatively, you can try Process Monitor to check any suspicious application.

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