Reverse Engineering- An Introduction

Hi Folks. The two things I'm good at are Programming and Reversing. I already posted few articles here related with Programming.
So I think its time to give something to my another Love as well.     
In this article we will take a look at the concepts and the basic terminology related to Reversing.

What is Reverse Engineering:
  Systematic methodology for analyzing the design of an existing system or device, either as an approach to study the design or as a prerequisite for re-design.

Why Reverse Engineering:
  Every Computer enthusiast is a control-freak. We love to figure out the things in a detailed way. We love to understand the things which are executing behind the Black Box.
We Love challenges that whether a software a really 'unbreakable' or just curious that how a particular project is implemented.
Reversing comes into play while performing any of the above on a software when you actually dont have its source code.

Skill Required for Reversing:
  • Experience with tools (hex editor,debugger, disassembler)
  • Basic Platform Knowledge(x86)- Stack, Registers etc
  • Basic knowledge of Programming like Assembly - win32, PE header etc
  • Lots of Patience :)
How to Start:

Quick way:
  • Grab some reversing videos and tutorials from internet
  • Try repeat the shown steps and reproduce them in your own way
  • Keep Learning the new things from internet whenever required.
Good way:
  • Read the tutorials about WIN32, AntiDump, import table etc.
  • Get a good assembler then and do some practice on assembly.
  • Start experience with disassembler and other tools
  • Look for some basic Reversing exercises on Google.
  • Then you can finally get your hands on some real Stuff with ease.
At the end its only Hard work and Passion which matters.

Some good links are given to start with:

I'll post some more article here to begin with Reverse Engineering. Stay in touch.

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