28 May 2012

Best Sites to chat Anonymously with Random Peoples on Internet

Hey folks. Are you getting bored of chatting with your mates and relatives on Facebook, Google + and Twitter.?? You can now have text or video chat with anyone in the world without disclosing your identity. Its a better option other than facebook, yahoo or google + Here I come up with few cool sites which can help you to make new friends anonymously. :P

  •  Omegle: Its one of the best sites to chat with strangers. It was launched by an 18yrs old dude in the year 2009. There is no requirement for registration and when you are ready then the Omegle server will direct you to any random personality. You can also save your conversation logs and later can share it on facebook too.
  • Chat Rolette: It is also a great site to chat with strangers. It is a web application based on Peer to Peer connection. It provides a good feature that you can also complaint any annoying user. There is no requirement for registration here.
  • Tiny Chat: Its growing network on Internet. Here you can make new friends as well as can chat with strangers too. A chat room can also be created for personal conversation. Here sign in can be done via Facebook or Twitter and it also requires a flash player installed in your browser.
  • Lolli Chat : Its a better alternative then above ones. Without any registration peoples are redirected randomly. It didn't save any chat logs they are automatically deleted as soon as you disconnected from chat.
  • Rounds : Its the only online website having many additional apps with anonymous chat like real time gaming, mp3 songs, you tube videos, and also can chat with Facebook friends. The minimum age for registration here is 18 yrs (which obviously everyone fulfils :P )
There are some more sites...
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rajender sharma said...

Thanks for sharing, tohla is really a free and have a video chat option. you can do random video chat on tohla.com without any registration.

GreekHebrew said...

It's best idea of online chatting on tohla. We can chat everyone on any sites.That's great!

Anonymous said...

yappermania all the way!

That Epic Person said...

There is also http://revealed.xyz although its small, but it has a anonymous IRC chat-room,

Jade Graham said...

remember that is web world that mean is not the real life and you can make all you want ohmibod vibrators

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