Best Websites to Download the Latest Software

Hi Folks. Here I'm sharing few cool websites to get the latest softwares from my collection.
We often need to download many utilities in our everyday life. Few websites works as the stores for the freeware, shareware and chargeable softwares. You can download them according to your need.
The main problem occurs with downloads that its hard to find whether you are downloading an utility or a VIRUS. There are few trust able websites and you can search the utility directly on them instead of giving Google the first priority.

  • Cnet : This is the worlds largest download website. Its download section is very well organised. You can search any software here by its easy search tool.
  • Tucows: This website constitutes of many partner sites. It counts as the first few websites which helps in promoting the shareware and freewares. You can search different softwares in its directory like windows, Linux, Mac, mobile, freewares and videos etc. It also provides 'cow ratings' to indicate the quality of the software.
  • Filehippo: Its a good source for freeware, shareware as well as Open Source Softwares. You can download and install the Filehippo free download checker to update your softwares. It provides an easy interface and various categories at the home page.
  • Softpedia: When we are talking about downloading softwares how should I forget softpedia. Instead of providing softwares it also provide news regarding Science, Health, Entertainment etc. Here softwares are divided into categories like Windows, Linux, Mac, Games etc.

Don't forget to Bookmark these websites in your browser.

Keep Learning. Keep Rocking :)
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