Prevent yourself from Blue Screen of Death - PC crash

This problem is actually very annoying and all the Computer Geeks must face it atleast once in their lifetime. It can occur anytime like if you install any software and Restart your PC, while formatting your System or if you try to install windows XP on a modern laptop which already contains Windows 7.
Mostly I saw this problem is Laptops.
Let me share a cool incident,
"When Bill Gates was giving a news broadcast for the functionality of the "new" Windows 98 OS, and he gets the blue screen of death (BSOD) during the presentation and they say "That must be why we're not shipping Windows 98 yet."." lol :P
Here I'm sharing few basic tips which may can help you to solve the issue causing the Blue Screen problem.

Step-1: Reboot your PC. Whenever you see this Blue Screen try to reboot your system, it may alone able to solve the problem :P

Step-2: Alternatively, Reboot your system and countinuously press F8 key. It leads you to a windows Booting Screen. There select "Last Known Good Configuration" and hit Enter.

Step-3: If the Blue Screen is still in Love with your system, Reboot your PC and go to windows booting screen and select "Safe Mode". From safe mode uninstall any newly installed softwares and make a reboot.

Step-4: If the problem still countinuous then try to Restore you system at an earlier time by switching to "Safe Mode". It may can solve the issue for you.

Step-5: After all these steps if the Blue Screen is still there then I'm sure you'll gonna have nightmares :) Open up your system and check all the Sockets, Slots, RAM take them out and insert them again if necessary. Again make a Reboot.

Step-6: If the problem still continues then I think its time to pick your Cell and make a call to your Customer Care. After all many of them only feed their stomach with our money with no work. Its time that you should transfer your headache to them.

Keep Learning. Keep Rocking :)
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