How to Play Pinball while installing Windows XP

Hey guys. Like I said earlier Installing windows XP is a long and boring process.
If you already saw my previous article Install Xp in 10 minutes then sure you'll not gonna get time for this.
Its an alternative for the trick.
To add some entertainment in such boring process you can play Pinball while installing Windows XP.
This trick was actually introduced to me by a guy in my coaching classes due to this I was ignored for sometime :P and he was treated as the Technical mind for a while.
So Let me share this trick with you folks. I just want you guys to keep stick with the basics so that you can also create your own tricks and prove rest about technical genes.
Follow the Steps:

  • At the installation window press SHIFT+F10 to open the prompt window.
  • In the cmd window enter the command cd\
  • Again shoot the command cd Program Files
  • Then type cd Windows XP
  • After that change it to cd Pinball
  • Finally type Pinball.exe to launch the game

  • Now Enjoy the game.

Happy Gaming. :P
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