How to Remove or Bypass the BIOS Password

Hey Folks. Ever happen to you that your PC BIOS locked with an unknown password. One of my friend was suffered from this problem recently so I just thought to share it with all you guys too.
Its relatively very easy to Remove or Bypass the BIOS password. Lets first take a look at the basics that how the things actually works.
The BIOS password get stored the CMOS battery which perform a password authentication at the time of Boot. If you enter the wrong password 3-4 times then your PC or LAPTOP will automatically get locked until the next reboot.

Alright lets take a look how to perform the trick.

Firstly: You can try some default passwords if you're Lucky enough then the JOB will be done.

AWARD SW, AWARD_SW, Award SW, AWARD PW, _award, awkward, J64, j256, j262, j332, j322, 01322222, 589589, 589721, 595595, 598598, HLT, SER, SKY_FOX, aLLy, aLLY, Condo, CONCAT, TTPTHA, aPAf, HLT, KDD, ZBAAACA, ZAAADA, ZJAAADC

  • Power OFF your PC and make sure the power cable is unplugged.
  • Open your CPU case and make it properly if you're doing for the first time.
  • Search for the CMOS battery. It'll be looking like a circular metallic coil.
  • Now carefully remove the CMOS battery from the case and place it in an open place for around 2-3 minutes. It'll flush all its content including the BIOS password.
  • Avoid touching the battery with your naked hands it may can infect it.
  • Place the battery properly back in the case.
  • Make a PC Reboot.
  • If everything goes well then you will see your BIOS password successfully removed.

Keep Learning. Keep Rocking. :)
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