Install Windows XP in 10 Minutes

Installing Windows XP is a lengthy process as you have to sit quite in front of your PC till the completion.
It'll normally take 20-30 minutes for complete installation and sometimes even more depending upon your system.
Here I'm sharing a Simple trick by which you can reduce the installation time to 8-10 minutes.
Follow these steps:

  • While installing the XP after copying all the files, PC will reboot and the following screen will appear.

  • Now press SHIFT+F10. It'll open the command prompt as it is one of those utilities which gets installed in the beginning.
  • In the cmd windows enter the command taskmgr
  • There under the processes tab search for setup.exe.
  • Right click on setup.exe > set priority > select highest.
  • Now just wait for 8-10 more minutes and windows will get install.

Note: This time may can vary depending upon your system.

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