Split any large file into small parts - using winrar

Have you ever wanted to Split a large file into small parts for its easy portability ?
I recurrently encounter this difficult situation when it required to generate the DVD of Games embracing the huge ISO images like 7-8 GBs in size.
Its also troublesome to upload a file like 1 GB than the 10 files of 100 MB which you later want to pass your friend or relative.
Here I come up with an effortless trick by which you can split the large files into small parts and can save your ass from more pain.
I'm gonna apply a small and my favourite utility called Winrar to get the Job done.

Follow the steps:

  • In case you don't have then get the winrar from here and Install it.
  • If you hold up a single file then its fine. Just in case of more files put them in a single folder.
  • Right click on the file which you wanna split then select Add to archive..
  • In the RAR box under General tab look for Split the volumes, size

  • Fill the Text Box with the size which you want equally allot to all the parts. You can also manage the size from the small drop down list by accepting B, KB, MB or GB.
  • After accommodating the size click OK
  • That's it your File get split into number of small parts.
  • In order to reassemble, put all the parts in the same container. Click on part1 and select Extract here.
  • Hence all your parts additionally get extracted and the desired file will be obtained.

In the future article, I'll come up with another trick to do the same job in more easy way. Till then Keep Rocking.

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