Split any large file into small parts - part II

In my previous article I shared how to split a large file using Winrar.
Here I come up with another effortless trick by which you can split the large files into small parts and again can save your ass from more pain. :P
Here we will use a small freeware known as HJSplit and the best part is that you don't need to install it.

How to Split the File:
  • Download the HJSplit from here 
  • Execute the hjsplit.exe file
  • Click on the button Split
  • In the new box select the file you want to split and Adjust the split file size field according to your need.
  • Now click on Start and you file will get split into the different small parts.
How to Join the parts:
  • Assemble all the parts in a single folder.
  • Execute the hjsplit.exe file
  • Click on the button Join
  • In the popup box select the first file from your splitted parts
  • Click on Start and hence you'll get your Main file back.
Keep Splitting you top secret files and make it unreachable from unauthorized peoples. :P

Keep Learning. Keep Rocking :)
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