Change the MAC address in Backtrack- MAC Spoofing

Well, First of all don't force to describe me about the MAC address. Take a look here. As the link says, A Media Access Control address (MAC address) is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment.
MAC address can be used to trace back the hackers or attackers so obviously its important to spoof it if you want to save you ass. Here, I got a cool trick which helps in changing the MAC address but I suggest to keep changing the MAC address randomly during any hack ;)
  • Boot your backtrack machine.
  • Open the terminal and issue the command ifconfig. It'll show your MAC address
  • Before changing the MAC address we need to disable the eth0 interface by using the command ifconfig eth0 down
  • Then change your MAC address by typing macchanger -r eth0
  • Now again enable the eth0 interface by using ifconfig eth0 up command.
  • Check your new spoofed MAC address by typin ifconfig.
  • That's it your MAC is spoofed successfully.
Stay tuned for more tricks.
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