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Hi folks. I got many messages and complaints for not writing any article on hacking Gmail, Facebook or Yahoo. First of all guys let me share that I'm not in the favour of Black Hat Hacking because no matter how smart you're at the end of the day its path will end by packing your ass behind the bars. Many people wants to hack someone's account because of revenge, anger, unknowingly or just for fun but I suggest you to find a better alternative than hacking.
Anyways, here I'm sharing a simple trick to hack anyone's Gmail/Facebook/Yahoo or any similar account by using most powerful and very popular tool these days known as backtrack. You can take a look at my previous articles on Backtrack from here.
I'll use a site cloner tool included in Social Engineering Toolkit to get the Job done. Now enough chit chat, lets get our hands on some real stuff.
Warning: This is for education purpose only. I'm not responsible for any damage done to anyone :P
  • Boot your backtrack machine.
  • Navigate to the following path. Applications > Backtrack > Exploitation Tools > Social Engineering Tools > Social Engineering Toolkit > set
  • It'll navigate you to the Social-Engineering Toolkit (SET) terminal
  • Here, Enter your choice as 2 for Website Attack Vectors.
  • Now, Enter your choice as 3 for Credential Harvester Attack Method
  • In website attack vectors, Enter the Number as 2 for Site Cloner.
  • Then it'll ask you to Enter the url to clone. Here, I'm using www.facebook.com for demonstration but you can use the url of gmail or yahoo or whatever you want. After writing the URL hit Enter.
  • When its done with cloning again press Enter. Don't close this terminal because it'll display the password later. Now our site clone is ready all you need to do is to send its link to the victim who's account you want to hack. The IP address of the Backtrack will be treated as the address of the clone site.
  • So grab the IP address of Backtrack. Open a new terminal and shoot the command ifconfig and get its IP address. It'll look something like inet addr:
  • Since I'm running Backtrack on Virtual Machine so my IP is something like yours may can differ.
Note: The IP's of the figure 192.168.xxx.xxx shows its existence in a LAN or WAN. In that case this trick will work in those networks only.
  • Now, send your IP address directly to the victim or you can spoof it by shrinking the url using many online services like adf.ly or goo.gl or any similar one. Send the generated link to the Victim via chat or Email or by any means.
  • When the user click on the link, it'll redirect to the facebooks cloned login page.
  • After entering the email and password when the victim click Login. It'll get redirected to the original facebook login page and our SET terminal will display the results i.e. the email id and password.
  • Here, email ID: abc@xyz.com and Password: 123456
  • That's it you have successfully hacked facebook account via Site Cloner on Backtrack.
Note: This trick may not work globally if you're running Backtrack in virtual machine. For that purpose boot it as your main OS, either install it or use any Bootable USB or DVD of backtrack. Phishing usually work only on noobs but if you want to apply it on an expert use it smartly :)

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28 November 2012 at 08:37 ×

is this going to work and to another computers out of my network ???? :D thank you

20 June 2013 at 07:24 ×

i can't find the link that i must send to my victim ..

Naveen Singh
4 November 2013 at 16:55 ×

this is best trick...backtrack is no doubt best..

17 December 2013 at 12:01 ×

if your ip is in 192.168 how do you get it off of 192.168?

20 June 2016 at 10:50 ×

when its finished , it show me a wrong password;; pleez tell me what i should to do ..plz ,, i expect that depend to update !