Microsoft rewards hacker with Grand prize of $260,000

Hi Folks. These days I'm facing so many Questions regarding the future in Hacking or Scope of Hacking in earning Money $$$. Many people told me that there is no such scope or many earning opportunities when it comes to Hacking because it has limited things to execute.. So here's the return gift from my Side. :)

Microsoft had recently organized the Blue Hat security contest, and awarded a hefty grand prize of $200,000 (approximately 1.1 crore Indian rupees) to the winning contestant. The prize was bagged by Vasilis Pappas, a Ph.D student from Columbia University. He was handed the cheque in an American Idol-style contest with loud music and confetti, reports Business Insider. Microsoft gave away $260,000 in all in prizes at the contest. Two contestants named Ivan Fratric, a researcher at the University of Zagreb in Croatia, and Jared DeMott, a Security Researcher for Harris Corp won $50,000 and $10,000 respectively.

Contestants were required to submit their ideas to resolve a complicated security problem based on Return-Oriented Programming. ROP is a hacking technique usually used to disable or circumvent a program's computer security controls. In all, twenty people submitted ideas for the contest. Pappas came up with a solution called 'kBouncer', which blocks anything that resembles an ROP attack, from running. He did so without getting into any technical details. Reportedly, it is become popular these days to pay security researchers ‘bounties.’ But what's cool about the Blue Hat contest is that it paid the researcher for actually coming up with a fix to a problem.

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