Play Playstation 1 games on your PC - A cool guide

Playstation 1 ruled the gaming world during its golden time.It was a legendary console, which composed the games like Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Tekken, Final Fantasy and glimmerd as the king of console world. Even today many people play old school Playstation 1 just to mitigate their memories of good old days. Myself too love to play Tekken 3 and Metal Slug only to spend some good time with this old console.
  • A PS1 Emulator-EPSXE.
  • Plugins- for the smooth working of the emulator. download from here
  • BIOS files. get them from here
  • A PS1 game or its image file. Choose a game from here.
  • Demon Tool > to mount your game image. (optional)
  • Assemble all the tools in your PC
  • Mount your games Image on Virtual Drive using Demon Tools
  • Or you can play directly from your Game Disk
  • Extract the EPSXE file.
  • Put the BIOS files in the Bios folder of your EPSXE
  • Extract all the plugins inside the Plugins folder of EPSXE
  • Run the emulator file
Configuring the emulator:
  • In BIOS select dialog, select USA BIOS. Click Next
  • In Video Configure box, select PETE's DX6 D3D drivers. Click next
  • In Sound Setting box, select PETE MIDAS Audio Driver. Hit next
  • In CDROM configuration, select Pete's CDROM ASPI/IOCTL driver. Click next
  • Then configure your controllers in accordence.
  • Press Next and hit done.
  • Now click on File > RUN CDROM
  • Start reveling your memories :)
Screen shots:
  • Tekken 3
  • Metal Slug

Have a Happy Gaming. :)
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