Introduction to Reverse Engineering Tools

HI folks. A variety of tools are used in Reverse Engineering as per the requirement and demand of time.
Here I'm sharing a list self compiled tools and a small intro about them just to make it friendly for future articles.
I received complaints regarding my previous article Crack a simple C\C++ Program for not introducing the tool first, So here I'm improving it by making you guys familiar with reversing tools.

A computer program to translate between lower-level representations of computer programs; it converts basic computer instructions into a pattern of bits which can be easily understood by a computer and the processor can use it to perform its basic operations. They work similar to C compiler which compile the program for errors and then generate an approximate machine code. Assemblers are used in Reversing to compile the patches generated by modifying the actual source code.
eg: MASM32. Download Now

It inverse the work of an assembler. It is a computer program that disassemble the machine language into a similar assembly language. However, a de-compiler targets a high level language and translates it into a similar low level language,
List of some disassemblers:
     Hacker Disassembler
     VB decompiler pro
eg:  Hacker Disassembler. Download Now

It is a computer program that is mainly used to test and analyse the target programs. The code to be examined might alternatively be running on an instruction set simulator (ISS). It not only helps in analysing the code but also provide the ability to modify the code. Some debuggers are also consist of disassembler in itself.
eg: Ollydbg. Download Now

A Resource editor is a specialised environment for creating or modifying resources that are included in a Visual Studio project. It helps in making changes to the files which holds responsibility for Visual effects. Resource Editor is to view and edit resources embedded in the EXE file. Change Icons, edit Version Info, menu, dialogue, string table, message table etc
eg: Resource Hacker. Download Now

A hex editor (or binary file editor or byte editor) is a type of computer program that allows a user to manipulate the fundamental binary (0 / 1, zero / one) data that makes up computer files. By using a hex editor, a user can see or edit the raw and exact contents of a file, as opposed to the interpretation of the same content that other, higher level application software may associate with the file format.
eg: HxD.Download Now

Process Monitoring Tools:
  • Forms Spy - A hard to find tool for spying on applications using forms, e.g. VB and Delphi programs (129k).
  • OpenTrap v1.22 - Another recommended file system activity monitor for Windows 95/8 (323k).
  • Win-eXpose-I/O v3.000 - A very useful I/O monitoring tool (1.81Mb).
  • Win-eXpose-Registry v1.000 - A capable registry monitoring tool (1.12Mb)
I provided links to various frequently used tools, for the rest click here. Also take a Look at Crack a simple C\C++ Program

Keep Learning. Keep Rocking. :)
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