John the Ripper - best password cracking tool

Hi folks, if you're dealing with password cracking then John-The Ripper is a must have tool in the collection. You might be familiar with it as its an famous tool for breaking the hashes and strong passwords. JTR is available for around 10-15 platforms including Windows, Unix, Linux, DOS etc. It is a fast password cracking tool and its all in one fully loaded package makes it much more powerful, auto detection of hashes is also a cool feature.It can natively detect and crack various encrypted password formats including several crypt password hash types most commonly are based on DES, MD5, or Blowfish, Kerberos AFS, and Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 LM hash.
JTR is the penultimate when it comes to password cracking in windows, but for Linux and open source,its the best you can get your hands on.Fire it up with a word list and you are good to go.

Here is a sample output of JTR in Debian environment

root@0[john-1.6.37]# cat wpass.txt
root@0[john-1.6.37]# john -w:password.lst wpass.txt
Loaded 1 password hash (Traditional DES [24/32 4K])
example (user)

guesses: 1 time: 0:00:00:00 100% c/s: 752 trying: 12345 - pookie

here is a snapshot

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