Learning Python - Part I

Hi folks. In my past programming articles I shared the codes purely either on C/C++ or JAVA except my last article was carrying the code in python. So It just give me a thought of starting a series of article which may can help nobs to get started with python as its pretty flexible language and you can find many exploits and malwares already written in this language.
Now If you don't want to leave your previous love like C/C++ and JAVA then its purely your choice but I suggest you to be a Programmer(Problem Solver) not an XYZ Programmer only but yeah you're free to take choose from your heart.
What about me ?
Aah well, On a personal note I love C language because my coding career begins with it however in the meantime I also learned many other languages too including C++, JAVA, Python, DHTML, JScript, PHP and currently learning ASP.NET. Also, have future plans for other languages too. I switched languages frequently because for me If a problem can be solved easily with a different tool other than yours then its better to add it too in your toolkit. :)
Which is good for exploit or malware coding ?
Its a different issue which I'll cover in future article.
Definitely Python is used by many coders to write their exploits but its not the only reason of its popularity these days. Python is a general-purpose, high-level programming language whose design philosophy emphasizes code readability. Its syntax is said to be clear and expressive. Python has a large and comprehensive standard library.

Lets get started.
  • Download the latest version python from here
  • Run the installer. Click Next.
  • Click Next
  • Wait for the Installation.
  • Click finish and you're set to go.

Hello World Program:
  • Open the Python IDLE(Python GUI). It comes with a cool interface embedded with an Python Shell.
  • Now in the Python Shell type this code

print "Hello World"

  • Hit Enter to execute. If everything goes well then you'll get the output.
  • You can also perform mathematical calculations in the python shell type the below expression and hit Enter


  • Try your own expression and enjoy coding.
If you're having any troubles then
First, always feel free to ping me. :)
Second, there are some good online python forums you can dig with them up. Use this and get one which is appropriate for you.
Stay tuned. Happy Coding
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