Remove Facebook Timeline

Hi folks. Many users on Facebook almost hate the timeline feature and they start hating it even more when facebook force the users to have Timeline permanently. Some of my good friends are also in the same stack. So after a bit of googling I got this simple trick which helps to get your old look back.

Remember: This is not permanent removal of timeline but its browser specific. Its only the virtual solution which disable the Timeline feature from your browser by adding a small add on or extension to it. Its browser specific. Like if you disable the Timeline for Chrome browser and next time you Login from Mozilla then you'll get timeline back. So you have to disable it on every browser in case you're using more than one.
Alternatively, If you disable the Timline on your Office PC and next time Login to your account from your Home PC then you'll get the Timeline again. I hope now you understand the meaning of Browser specific.

Enough chat lets disable Timeline now,
  • Take a look at your Timeline for the last time :P
  • Here select your browser. I'm using Mozilla Firefox so I'll go with it.
  • Then a pop will appear for downloading the extension, click Allow
  • After the add on complete its downloading, then it'll ask for installation. Click Install Now
  • That's it. Now Restart your browser and Login to your facebook account and enjoy the old but gold look.
  • To get Timeline back just remove this add on from your browser.
If you're having troubles then feel free to ping me anytime.
Stay tune for more tricks.

Keep Learning. Keep Rocking. :)
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