[Solved] Memory issue with SAMSUNG C3010

Hi Folks. Recently one of my friend bought a new SAMSUNG C3010 mobile but it was having some memory digging issues.

The Internal memory of cell phone got full with data but actually there was no data. I was also very curious to know the reason behind this memory issue but didn't get anything special.
I tried to clear via PC Suite but it also displayed no data. Then I tried factory restore code and it really worked. So just thought to share it with everyone because I found no article related with this topic.

Before resetting the phone,
a) backup all your data
b) Take out your SIM card (recommended)
c) Take out the memory card as well

Switch ON the mobile and type this code


It'll reset all the settings and format the memory as well.
Now insert back the memory card and SIM card. Enjoy the memory.
In the future article, I'll show you a way to increase the internal memory.

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