Use ERD commander to Hack/ Reset Windows Password

Sometimes It happen that just to secure the PC we put a very long and complex password which we forget at the time of Login. Recently one of my friend was also faced the similar trouble then I got my hands on a very cool tool which helps in resetting the windows password in no time. You can use it for hacking someone's PC too because its powerful yet very simple to use and requires no victim's interaction, all you need is just some free time with the targets machine.
ERD commander is mainly used by the cyber experts in troubleshooting the windows based issues. Resetting the windows is just like a branch of large tree. It mainly comes and used in a bootable disk, you can easily find its ISO image on internet or via torrent. This tool mainly includes:

Registry editor: Edits Windows Registry
Locksmith: Resets a user account's password
Crash Analyzer: Analyzes crash dumps
File Restore: Restores deleted files
Disk Commander: Repairs volumes, master boot records and partitions
Disk Wipe: Irrecoverably erases data from hard disk
Computer Management: A group of utilities that help retrieve system information, enable, disable or manage device drivers, Windows services and software that run during computer startup, inspect the event logs of the offline system and manage partitions.
Explorer: A file manager
Solution Wizard: A guidance tool that helps user choose the proper repair tool
TCP/IP Config: Displays and modifies TCP/IP configuration
Hotfix Uninstall: Uninstalls windows hotfixes
System File Repair: Revives corrupted or deleted system files by copying them from the Windows installation source
Search: Searches a disk for files
Standalone System Sweeper: An antivirus that scans a system for malware, rootkits, and potentially unwanted software. Uses the same engine as Microsoft Security Essentials and other Microsoft antivirus products. An independent version of this product which is currently in beta stage is available to general public free of charge.
ERD Commander originally included more tools, including a web browser.

Grab a copy of ERD commander via internet or torrent from your trusted link, I'll provide my link soon. Lets take a look at quick guide to reset windows password.

Insert the ERD commander disk and boot your PC, make sure that boot from CD is marked as first priority in Boot device menu.
In the pop up box select the System root, in my case its C:\WINDOWS
Now click on Start button > System Tools > Locksmith
It'll begin the Locksmith wizard. Click next on the first window
Now select the account type, and put any easy password like 123. Remember its not your final password, it'll help you only to logged into the account next time when you reboot the PC.
Click Finish and you're done.
Now eject the disk and reboot your PC.
Login to your account with the new password which you just reset. There It'll ask to reset password, here you can enter whatever password you want as your final password.

Note: ERD commander will work fine on windows XP, Vista, but not work well on all the versions of Windows 7. So if you're planning hack or reset the windows 7 password then it'll may not work however its worth giving a try.

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Gina Swift
8 October 2012 at 20:28 ×

Thank you very much about hacking windows password. I have a Dell laptop and I lost the password.I am looking for how to hack a dell laptop password and i think I can unlock windows password with this useful tool called ERD commander.

Congrats bro Gina Swift you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...