Few Must Visit Sites for Hackers - Perl, Reversing & Searching

Hi Folks. I'm Sorry for not posting anything so long because I'm a bit busy with my sessional exams and some placement rounds. However, I'm writing some cool articles on reversing and learning more and more with programming.
Alright, here without much wait allow me to share some must visit sites for Hackers which I found useful while marveling at the internet. Now, I already faced many questions like

How to become a Hacker ? OR How to Hack this or that ?

Oh please, give me a break. I can't tell you how to be a hacker however I can only show you the way which leads you to the path of glory rest will depend upon your passion and dedication.
Here I'm sharing few sites which you can use to kick start your journey, and yeah I already know the list is too short so I'll add some more sites in the stack pretty soon.

Searchlores:  Fravia was a legend when it comes to reverse engineering. His methods, techniques  and attacks are still unbeatable which hailed him as the greatest reverse engineers of all time under the alias of the Old Red Cracker (ORC). If you're really exhausted by the old methods on net and want to try something new and challenging then you won't get disappointed.
Phiral: A must visit site, contains some really good examples and white papers regarding reverse engineering, shell programming.
Okidan's Perl Paradise: A very good site for Perl, hacking, searching and cryptography. Its really a precious collection of information.

Those sites may have not been updated for a long period but its really worth visiting them as you can find every shred of info over there.

See you next time. :)
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