Get Google Adsense Approval - Dirty Trick 1

Hi folks. As you know that google earns around $761.71 every second. It simple provide ads which get placed on the websites and blogs and google get payed as someone click on them. Every beginner blogger once when tried to generate some revenue from its website then the first thing he tried is Google Adsense for sure. So as of now, Adsense requires no Introduction from my side. Getting an Adsense approval is really a difficult task if you're a lazy blogger like me. According to Adsense conditions you should have a top level domain, and your domain must be older than 6 months, your site should be completely developed and needs to contain original material. However I you want to get approved for Adsense in 6 hours to 1 day then here I'm sharing a series of articles containing some dirty tricks regarding Adsense approval. You just need to follow them as these tricks worked with many guys.

Warning: Some folks complaint that these aren't working with them however many guys get approved by them. So Luck will always be an Issue. From my side, I think its worth giving a try but don't complaint back to me if you wont get approved.


1) Go to DOCSTOC and register yourself.
2) Complete the registration form with Correct information and Hit Complete Registration
3) After that It'll ask you for an Google Adsense account

4) Click "I would like to set up an account" and fill all the details correctly.
5) At the end you'll get an email with the instruction for setting up your adsense account within 6 to 24 hrs.

Keep Blogging. Keep Earning :)
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Pawan Nanda
24 December 2012 at 01:45 ×

Hi fends,

Get Adsense Account Approval Account in India Just 200/- +918699107456

Congrats bro Pawan Nanda you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...