Windows 7 and Windows XP dual boot issue solved - an easy way

Hi guys.
In a previous post I shared a trick to Resolve the Windows 7 and Windows XP dual boot issue. Click here to take a look.
However, a friend recently faced an issue regarding the EASY BCD method because the installation of this software requires a good internet connection for the download and setting the DOT NET runtime environment which was missing in his case.
Again he disturbed me like always :P and after some googling I landed on an more easy and efficient trick.

What was actually the issue ?
He first installed Windows 7 and later Windows XP. Every time its PC is booting from Windows XP without providing an option to choose between Win 7 and Win XP.

What was actually needed to be solved ?
A boot menu for both windows XP and Windows 7 OR a way to easily switch between both OS

Alright, lets take a look how it can be solved.

  • Windows 7 DVD
  • Less time and almost no patience :P
Suppose you logged in from Windows XP.
Insert the Win 7 DVD, suppose its drive G:
Window Key + R > type cmd
In the command window, type the below code, hit Enter

G:\boot\ bootsect.exe /nt60 all

don't forget to replace G: with the letter of your DVD drive.

Now reboot and you can successfully use the Windows 7 now. First part of the issue is solved :)
Keep reading for the remaining part.

Again open command prompt and type the below command to restore the boot menu for any previous version of Operating system.

bcdedit /create {ntldr} –d "description here"

Substitute your own discription for the placeholder text and see the effects on reboot.

Stay tuned for more tricks.
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