A Very Happy New Year 2013

Hi Folks. A Very Happy New Year to all of you. 2012 was great as I posted multiple articles on this blog however the frequency was a bit slow but at least I did. :P
Thanks for such wonderful feedback's  I'm sorry that I wasn't able to reply all the mails but keep sending as I read all of them and will reply all as soon as I get some free time. Sorry for hibernating in last two months as I was busy with my studies and exams.
Next Year I'll gonna post some real hardcore stuff regarding hacking and programming for sure. I'm also planning to write an E-book on Hacking+Programming which I'll probably launch next year for Free. :) yeah because I still like freewares :P
The Year 2012 was really memorable for me as I learned proper pen testing, Exploiting, and get my hands on some cool Linux flavors  The programming was a bit down but next year I'll put some real efforts and surely gonna write some really good codes.
Personally made some new relations and ended few old ones :P , and finally found a good friend to work with.
2012 was memorable and expecting a lot from next year. May be I'll also gonna be a corporate guy by next year :P Here I'll share some really good stuffs as I'm about to get some free time.

Keep Learning. Keep Rocking.
Stay Tuned.

And Once again A Very Happy New Year 2013.
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